Topics and papers of TORQUE 2010

Five major topics were covered:

A. Wind Climate and Resource

B. Aerodynamics and related coupled problems  

  1. Airfoil aerodynamics, flow control and aeroacoustics
  2. Rotor aerodynamics
  3. Rotor wakes and wind farms

C. Dynamics and control issues

  1. Dynamics and loads control
  2. Control for loads mitigation

D. Structural design

E. New ideas


The papers presented were classified according to the different topics as follows:


A: Wind Climate & Resource


Atmosperic Stability & wind profile climatology over the North sea- case study at Egmond aan Zee, Ameya Sathe (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author:  Ameya Sathe,


The length scale of the diabatic wind profile, Alfredo Pena Diaz, Sven-Erik Gryning and Jakob Mann (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Alfredo Pena Diaz,


Short- to medium-range forecast guidance utilizing ECMWF IFS and EPS model level gust factor, Thomas Petroliagis, M. Jacques & D. Heinemann (ForWind, DE), M. Denhard & R. Hagedorn (ECMWF, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading, UK)

Corresponding author: Thomas Petroliagis,


Using the Sphere Anemometer for Wind Speed and Direction Measurements, Hendrik Heißelmann, Michael Holling & Joachim Peinke (ForWind, Univ Oldenburg, DE)

Corresponding author: Hendrik Heißelmann,


Minimizing the risk in offshore wind power integration induced by severe wind power fluctuations, Lueder von Bremen, Nadja Saleck (ForWind, DE)

Corresponding author: Lueder von Bremen,


B1: Airfoil Aerodynamics, Flow Control & Aeroacoustics


Determination of the Angle of Attack on the Mexico Rotor using Experimental Data,

Y.Hua (Yang Zhou Univ. CI & DTU, DK)  Wen Zhong Shen, Jens N.Sørensen & Wei Jun Zhu (DTU, DK)  

Corresponding author: Yang Hua ,


DAN -AERO MW:Comparisons of airfoil characteristics for two airfoils tested in three different wind tunnels,

Christian Bak,Helge Aa Madsen, Mac Gaunaa, U.Paulsen (RISOE-DTU, DK), P.Fuglasang (LM Glasfiber,DK), J.Rommblad, N.A.Olesen (VESTAS, DK), P.Enevoldsen,J.Laursen (SIEMENS, DK) & L.Jensen (DONG Energy, DK)

Corresponding author: Christian Bak,


Two-dimensional aerodynamic characteristics of wind turbine airfoils at high angles-of-attack,

Nando Timmer (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Nando Timmer,


SPIV Study of Passive Flow Control on a WT Airfoil,

Clara Velte, Martin O. L. Hansen, Knud Erik Meyer (DTU,DK) & Peter Fuglsang (LM Glasfiber A/S, DK)

Corresponding author: Clara Velte,


Determination of unsteady loads on a DU96W180 airfoil with actuated flap using particle image velocimetry,

René, Lindeboom, J.J.H.M Sterenborg, C.J. Simao Ferreira  (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Rene Lindeboom, R.C.J.Lindeboom@student.TUDelft.NL


Wind Tunnel Test of a Closed Loop Controller for an Airfoil with Trailing Edge Flaps,

Peter Andersen, Christian Bak, Mac Gaunaa & Thomas Buhl (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Peter Andersen,


Thick Multiple Element Airfoils for use on the Inner Part of wind turbine rotors,

Mac Gaunaa, Niels N. Sørensen & Christian Bak (RISOE-DTU,DK)

Corresponding author: Mac Gaunaa,


Study of the angle of attack on a wind turbine blade using a vortex wake lifting line method,

S.P. Breton (Ecole de technologie superieure Montreal, CA), Christophe Sibuet Watters (CENER, ES), & C. Masson (Ecole de technologie superieure Montreal, CA

Corresponding author: S.P.Breton,


Trailing edge noise measurement technique in an aerodynamic wind tunnel,

Andreas Fischer, F.Bertagnolio, Christian Bak & Helge Aa. Madsen (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Andreas Fischer,


Study of Airfoil Trailing Edge Bluntness Noise,

Jun Zhu Wei, W.Z.Shen & Jens N.Sorensen (DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Wei Jun Zhu,


B2: Rotor Aerodynamics


IEA Task 29 Mexnext: Analysis of wind tunnel measurements from the EU project Mexico,

Gerard Scheppers, Koen Boorsma & Herman Snel (ECN, NL)

Corresponding author: Gerard Schepers,


Rotational Augmentation Disparities in the MEXICO & UAE Phase VI Experiments,

Scott Schreck (NREL, USA), T.Sant (Univ Malta, MA) & D.Micallef (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Scott Schreck,


A CFD Investigation of the Influence of Trip-Tape on the MEXICO Wind Turbine Blade Sections,

Sugoi Gómez-Iradi & Xabier Munduate (CENER,ES)

Corresponding author: Sugoi Gómez-Iradi,


Computation of the NREL Phase-VI Rotor In Pitch Motion During Standstill,

Niels Sorensen (RISOE-DTU, DK), Scott Schreck (NREL, USA)

Corresponding author: Niels Sorensen,


Advanced investigations of the properties and influence of turbulence on wind turbine blades under on- and offshore conditions,

Daniela Schwab & Alois Schaffarczyk (Univ Kiel, DE)

Corresponding author: Daniela Schwab,


Validation of the Actuator Line / Navier Stokes technique using Mexico measurements,

Wen Zhong Shen, Wei Jun Zhu & Jens N.Sorensen (DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Wen Zhong Shen,


BEM modeling of inflow with shear in comparison with advanced model results,

Helge  Aagaard Madsen, T.J. Larsen & F. Zahle (RISOE-DTU, DK), V. Riziotis (NTUA, GR),E. Politis (CRES, GR), M.O.L. Hansen (DTU, DK), H. Snel & F. Grasso (ECN, NL)

Corresponding author: Helge  Aagaard Madsen,


RotorFlow: A quasi-simultaneous interaction method for the prediction of three-dimensional aerodynamic flow over wind turbine blades,

Henny Bijleveld (ECN, NL) & A.E.P. Veldman (Univ Groningen, NL)

Corresponding author: Henny Bijleveld,


Upwind Navier-Stokes Rotor Flow Simulations with ground proximity & shear,

Frederik Zahle & N. Sorensen (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Frederik Zahle,


Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Rotor Blockage on Wake Expansion,

Busra Akay, C.S.Ferreira, G.van Bussel (TU Delft, NL) G. Tescione (Universita degli Studi di Roma ”La Sapienza”, IT)

Corresponding author: Busra Akay,


Actuator disc simulation of Influence of Wind Shear and Ground Proximity on Power Production of Wind Turbines,

Niels Troldborg & M.Gaunaa (RISOE-DTU, DK) & R.Mikkelsen (DTU,DK)

Corresponding author: Niels Troldborg,


Inboard Flow Separation on the NREL-5MW rotor,

Raymond Chow & C.P.van Dam (Univ California-DAVIS, US)

Corresponding author: Raymond Chow,


Investigating the effect of extreme shear using Actuator Line model,

Martin Hansen, Robert Mikkelsen & Stig Oye (DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Martin Hansen,


Aerodynamic Analysis of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in a Diffuser,

Ben Geurts, C.S.M.Ferreira & G.van Bussel (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Ben Geurts,


Performance analysis of a shrouded rotor for a wind powered vehicle,

Koen Boorsma, Leo Machielse & Herman Snel (ECN, NL)

Corresponding author: Koen Boorsma,


 B3: Rotor Wakes & Wind Farms


An Analytical Model of Wake Deflection Due to Shear Flow',

Daniel Micallef, C.S.Ferreira * G.Van Bussel(TU Delft, NL) & T.Sant (Univ Malta, MT)

Corresponding author: Daniel Micallef,


Modeling Issues with Wind Turbine Wake and Atmospheric Turbulence,

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, N.N.Sorensen & A.Bechmann (RISOE-DTU,DK)

Corresponding author: Pierre-Elouan Réthoré,


Simulation of Wind Farms in Flat & Complex Terrain using CFD,

John Prospathopoulos, E.Politis, T.Chaviaropoulos (CRES, GR), D.Cabezon (National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain, ES), K.G.Rados (NTUA,GR), G.Schepers (Energy Centre of the Netherlands, NL), K.Hansen (DTU,DK) & R.Barthelmie (Indiana University, US)

Corresponding author: John Prospathopoulos,


Development of a large-eddy simulation model for the analysis of flow conditions in offshore windfarms,

Gerald Steinfeld, J.Tambke, J.Peinke & D.Heinemann (ForWind, DE)

Corresponding author: Gerald Steinfeld,


Power deficits due to wind turbine wakes at Horns Rev wind farm,

Kurt Hansen (DTU,DK), R.Barthelmie (Indiana University, US), L.E.Jensen (DONG Energy A/S, DK) & A.Sommer (Vattenfall AB,DK)

Corresponding author: Kurt Hansen,


Full scale measurements of wind turbine wake turbulence,

Gunner C. Larsen (RISOE-DTU, DK), Kurt Hansen (DTU, DK), J.Mann, K. Enevoldsen & F. Bingöl (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Gunner C.Larsen,


The impact of wind direction in atmospheric BL on interacting wakes at Horns Rev wind farm,

S. Ivanell (LINNE FLOW CENTRE -KTH, SW & Gotland University,SW), Robert Mikkelsen, J.N. Sorensen, K.S. Hansen (DTU, DK) & D.Henningson (LINNE FLOW CENTRE -KTH, SW)

Corresponding author: Stefan Ivanell,


Validation of a quasi-steady wind farm flow model in the context of distributed control of the wind farm,

Arno Brand & J.W. Wagenaar (ECN,NL)

Corresponding author: Arno Brand,


TOPFARM – next generation design tool for optimization of wind farm topology and operation… background, vision and challenges,

Gunner Larsen(RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Gunner Larsen,


Wind farm topology optimization including costs associated with structural loading,

Thomas Buhl & G.C.Larsen (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Thomas Buhl,


C1: Dynamics & Loads Control


Stability analysis of parked wind turbine blades using a vortex model,

Vasilis Riziotis & S. Voutsinas (NTUA, GR), P. Chaviaropoulos & E.Politis (CRES,GR)

Corresponding author: Vasilis Riziotis,


Closed-loop System Identification of Wind Turbines in the Presence of Periodic Effects,

Gijs van der Veen, J.W. van Wingerden & M.Verhaegen (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Gijs van der Veen,


System identification methods on Alstom ECO 100 wind turbine,

Iciar Font Balaguer, M.Rossetti (ALSTOM WIND, ES), S.Kanev (ECN,NL) & D.Tchemiak (BKVS, DK)

Corresponding author: Iciar Font Balaguer,


Wind turbine blade vibration at standstill conditions – the effect of imposing lag on the response of an elastically mounted airfoil,

Witold Skrzypinski & M.Gaunaa (RISOE -DTU,DK)

Corresponding author: Witold Skrzypinski,


Boundaries of Bend Twist Coupling,

Mark Capellaro & M. Kuhn (Univ Stuttgart, DE)

Corresponding author: Mark Capellaro,


Spatial estimation of wind states from the aeroelastic response of a wind turbine,

Carlo Bottasso, A. Croce, C.E.D. Riboldi  (Politechnico Milano, IT)&  G.S. Bir (National Wind Technology Center  - NREL, USA)

Corresponding author: Carlo Bottasso,


Control Algorithms for Eliminating Tower Vibration Events on Active Stall Wind Turbines,

Chris Spruce & J.K.Turner (VESTAS,UK)

Corresponding author: Chris Spruce,


Resonant Vibration Control of Wind Turbine Blades,

Martin Nymann Svendsen, S.Krenk & J.Hogsberg (DTU,DK)

Corresponding author: Martin Nymann Svendsen,


Extreme value statistics of the response of offshore fixed wind turbines 

Nilanjan Saha, Z.Gao, T.Moan & A.Naess (Norwegian Univ. of Science & Technology, NO)

Corresponding author: Nilanjan Saha,


The determination of the extreme loads on wind turbines – some practical issues,

Wim Bierbooms (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Wim Bierbooms,


Progress with field testing of individual pitch control,

Ervin Bossanyi (Garrad Hassan, UK) & A. Wright (NREL, USA)

Corresponding author: Ervin Bossanyi,


The Impact of Distributed Control on Fatigue Damage Reduction Due to Active Aerodynamic Load Control,

Dale Berg, David Wilson, Brian Resor, Jon Berg (SANDIA Lab, USA),  Thanasis Barlas (TU DELFT, NL), Chris Halse and Ashley Crowther (ROMAX, UK)

Corresponding author: Dale E. Berg,


A Comparison of Two Devices for Distributed Active Load Control of Wind Turbine Blades,

Peter Bæk, P.Fuglsang, (LM Wind Power, DK), Mac Gaunaa & N.N.Sorensen, (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Peter Bæk,


Distributed blade control, Wouter Engels,

S. Kanev & T.van Engelen (ECN,NL)

Corresponding author: Wouter Engels,


Assessment of Control Strategy for Reducing Tower Loads,

E.Politis (CRES, GR), Vasilis Riziotis (NTUA, GR), P.Chaviariopoulos (CRES, GR) & S.Voutsinas (NTUA, GR)

Corresponding author: Evangelos Politis,


C2: Controls for load mitigation


Look-Ahead Cyclic Pitch Control using LiDAR,

David Schlipf, S.Schuler, P.Grau, F.Allfower & Martin Kuhn (Univ Stuttgart, DE)

Corresponding author: David Schlipf,


Pitch Control Algorithm to Limit Damaging Loads without Reducing Turbine Performance,

Scott  Johnson, C.P.van Dam (Univ California, USA) & S. Larwood (Univ. of the Pacific, US)

Corresponding author: Scott  Johnson,


Reducing tower fatigue loads by a co-ordinated control of the Supergen 2MW exemplar wind turbine”,

Aristeidis Chatzopoulos & W. Leithead (Univ Strathclyde, UK)

Corresponding author: Aristeidis Chatzopoulos,


System Identification for the Control of Wind Turbine Systems,

Ivo Houtzager, B.Kulcsar, J.W.van Wingerden & M. Verhaegen (TU Delft,NL)

Corresponding author: ivo Houtzager,


Hierarchical wind farm control for power/load optimization,

Vedrana Spudic, M.Jelavic, M. Baotic & N. Peric (Univ Zagreb, HR)

Corresponding author: Vedrana Spudic,


Smart dynamic rotor control: Part 1, Design of a smart rotor,

Teun Hulskamp, J.W.van Wingerden, T.Barlas, H. Bersee, G.van Kuik, M.Verhaegen (TU Delft, NL) H.Champliaud (ETS, CA)

Corresponding author: Teun Hulskamp,


Smart dynamic rotor control: Part 3, advanced controller design,

Jan-Willem van Wingerden, T.Hulskamp, T.Barlas, I.Houtzager, H. Bersee, G.van Kuik & M.Verhaegen  (TU Delft,NL)

Corresponding author: Jan-Willem van Wingerden,


Controller Design Automation for Aeroservoelastic Design Optimization of Wind Turbines, download file in .pdf: torque_78.pdf (permission by author)

Turaj Ashuri, M.Zaaijer, G.van Bussel & G.van Kuik (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Turaj Ashuri,


Development of Wind Turbine Blade Optimization Tool for Enhancing the Performance,

Taeseong Kim, T. Buhl & C. Bak (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Taeseong Kim,


D: Structural Design


Buckling Load Prediction Methods in the FOCUS Design Package

C. Lindenburg (ECN, NL)

 Corresponding author: Koert Lindenburg,


A Non Linear Damped Beam Finite Element  for the free-vibration of composite Blades Undergoing Large Deformations,

Dimitrios Chortis, D.Varelis & D.Saravanos (Univ Patras, GR)

Corresponding author: Dimitrios Chortis,


Optimization of the integrated tower and monopile support structure-(A first step in the elaborate path to integrated design optimization of an OWT support structure).

H. Subroto & P.Godfroy (SIEMENS, NL)

Corresponding author: Toni Subroto,


Design Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations in Deeper Water, 

Patrik Passon (Ramboll Offshore Wind, DE)

Corresponding author: Patrik Passon,


System identification of a jacket support structure for a 5MW offshore wind turbine due to artificial and ambient excitation,

Thomas Pahn, M.Kohlmeier & R.Rolfes (Univ Hannover, DE)

Corresponding author: Thomas Pahn,


Control Strategies for an Offshore Wind Turbine on a Monopile under Misaligned Wind and Wave Loading,

Tim Fischer & M.Kuhn (Univ Stuttgart, DE) P.Rainey & E.Bossanyi (GH, UK)

Corresponding author: Tim Fischer,


Active Structural Control of Offshore Wind Turbines, M. Rotea (Univ. of Texas at Dallas, US) & Matthew Lackner (Univ Massachussetts Amherst, USA)

Corresponding author: Mario A. Rotea,


Data Driven Fault Detection and Identification of Wind Turbines, Jianfei Dong, M. Verhaegen & J.W.van Wingerden (TU DELFT,NL)

Corresponding author: Jianfei Dong,


Structural reliability analysis of a composite rotor blade in ultimate loading,

K.Bacharoudis & Theodore Philippidis  (Univ. Patras, GR)

Corresponding author: K. C. Bacharoudis,


Reliability-Based Design of Wind Turbine Components 

Henrik Stensgaard Toft (Aalborg Univ, DK) & J.D.Sorensen (Aalborg Univ, DK & RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Henrik Stensgaard Toft,


E: New Ideas


Flutter-based Wind Energy Harvesting,

Ivan Sonderby, M.H.Hansen (RISOE-DTU, DK) & J.J.Thomsen (DTU-DK)

Corresponding author: Ivan Sonderby,


Aspects of upscaling beyond similarity,

George Sieros & P. Chaviaropoulos (CRES, GR)

Corresponding author: George Sieros,


New anemometer for atmospheric flow,

Jaroslaw Puczylowski, Michael Holling, Joachim Peinke (FORWIND, DE)

Corresponding author: Jaroslaw Puczylowski,


Modal analysis on a rotating wind turbine using the tangent system matrices of a nonlinear aeroelastic code,

P. F. Skjoldan (Siemens, DK) & M. H. Hansen (RISOE-DTU, DK)

Corresponding author: Peter F. Skjoldan,



Superstatistics of wind speed fluctuations

Allan Morales, Matthias Wächter and Joachim Peinke (ForWind, Univ of Oldenburg, DE)

Corresponding author: Allan Morales,


Validation of DYSTOOL for 2D Aerofoil Unsteady Aerodynamic Modelling

Alvaro González, Xabier Munduate (CENER, ES)

Corresponding author: Alvaro González,


Effects of Varying Control Parameters on an Oscillating Airfoil Using Spectral/HP Elements Method

W. Medjroubi, B. Stoevesandt and J.Peinke (ForWind, Univ of Oldenburg, DE)


Unsteady aerodynamic code for analyzing dynamic flap and sensor response

Néstor Ramos García, Jens Norkær Sørensen, Wen Zhong Shen (DTU,DK)


Experimental determination of fluid-structure interactions for a free plunging/pitching wing with flap actuation using PIV

J.J.H.M. Sterenborg, G. Boscolo, C.J. Simão Ferreira, A.H. Van Zuijlen, H. Bijl (TU Delft, NL)


Validation of BEM Theory by Means of Field Measurements

O. Ceyhan & E.T.G. Bot (ECN, NL)

Corresponding author: O. Ceyhan,


Influence of dynamic stall in the near wake vorticity distribution of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Alessandro Zanon (Univ of Udine, IT) & Carlos

Simão Ferreira (DUWIND-TU Delft, NL)


Energy conservation in the numerical calculation of wind turbine wakes

B. Sanderse and B. Koren (ECN, NL)

Corresponding author: B. Sanderse,


Verification of CFD-AL and Dynamic Wake Meandering model

Dick Veldkamp, Rolf-Erik Keck (Vestas, DK) & Robert Mikkelsen (DTU,DK)


Near wake lidar measurements for validation of a dynamic meandering model

J.J. Trujillo (Univ. of Stuttgart, ForWind,Univ.of Oldenburg,DE), O. Bischoff, M. Hofsäß, A. Rettenmeier, D. Schlipf (Univ. of Stuttgart, DE), and M. Kühn (FORWIND-Univ.of Oldenburg, DE)

Corresponding author: J.J. Trujillo,


Software procedures for the multi-disciplinary constrained optimization of wind turbines

Carlo L. Bottasso, F. Campagnolo & A. Croce (Politecnico di Milano, IT)


An Analytical Model to Extract Wind Turbine Blade Structural Properties for Optimization and Upscaling Studies

download paper in .pdf: torque_65.pdf (permission by author)

Turaj Ashuri, Michiel Zaaijer, Gerard van Bussel & Gijs van Kuik (TU Delft, NL)

Corresponding author: Turaj Ashuri,


Influence of Resin on Tensile Fatigue Behaviour of Wind Turbine Laminates

E. Stammes, R.P.L. Nijssen & T. Westphal (WMC, NL)

Corresponding author: E. Stammes,


Dynamic substructuring as a Structural Dynamic Analysis Tool in Wind Engineering

S.N. Voormeren, P.L.C. van der Valk (TUDelft & SIEMENS Wind Power, NL), D.J. Rixen (TUDelft, NL) & D-P Molenaar (SIEMENS Wind Power, NL)


Dynamic analysis of offshore fixed wind turbines under wind and wave loads using alternative computer codes

Zhen Gao; Nilanjan Saha; Torgeir Moan; Jørgen Amdahl (NTNU, NO)


Influence of the Sampling Rate on Load Reconstruction

Claudia Hofemann, Gerard van Bussel, Herman Veldkamp (DUWIND, VESTAS, DK)


Dynamical response of wind turbines on small scale atmospheric turbulence

Tanja Mücke & Joachim Peinke (ForWind, Univ Oldenburg, DE)

Corresponding author: Tanja Mücke,


Load Control of Wind Turbine With Sensor Noise Attenuation

Damir Radan (IRIS, NO)

Corresponding author: Damir Radan,


Smart dynamic rotor control: Part 2, aeroelastic analysis

Thanasis Barlas, Jan-Willem van Wingerden,Teun Hulskamp, Gijs van Kuik, Michel Verhaegen & Harald Bersee (TUDelft, NL)


The ECN Scaled Wind Farm Facility

J.G. Schepers and L.A.H. Machielse (ECN, NL)


Evaluation of the Wind Resources in a Central Mediterranean Island Using a Combination of Measurements and Modelling Techniques

Robert N. Farrugia and Tonio Sant (Univ Malta, MT)

Corresponding author: Robert Farrugia,


One Dimensional Flow Theory for Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbines

B.J.Konijn, H.W.M.Hoeijmakers (Univ Twente, NL), F.Jaarsma, B.I.Soemarwoto & K.M.J. de Cock (NLR,NL)


Optimal Use Of Short-Term Numerical Wind Power Predictions For Complex Sites Using Statistical Methods

Joel Bédard, Christian Masson (Ecole de Technologie Suprieure, CA), Wei Yu (Dorval, CA), Yves Gagnon (Université de Moncton, CA)


Leading and Trailing-Edge Flaps for Passive Load Alleviation

Benjamin Lambie, Manuel Jain and Cameron Tropea (Technische Universität Darmstadt, DE)


Producing multiple forecast scenarios of wind generation using multiple grid points from one ECMWF forecast

Nicholas J. Cutler, Hugh. R. Outhred and Iain F. MacGill (Univ of New South Wales, AU)